Friday, March 25, 2011

Toothless Cake

For those who have seen How to Train Your Dragon, you'll agree that it really is a movie for all ages.  I personally liked it so was glad for the request to make a How to Train Your Dragon Cake for a cute little boy's birthday party.

I enlisted some help for Toothless, who looked flawless.  Spectacular attention to detail was given to him.  Thank you to my brother-in-law Darcy for your help on this one!  Toothless was hand-crafted using modeling chocolate.

I decided to recreate my version of the scene in the movie where Hiccup and Toothless bond by writing on the ground.

And what better to write on a Toothless cake than Happy Birthday?

Everything on this cake was edible except the catapault and the stick Toothless uses.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spiderman to the rescue

When your boy sees one specific cake that he likes, and doesn't want anything else but that, feel free to ask me to replicate it.  After purchasing the kit, I replicated another cake... but this one was a first for me, it was without fondant as the base.

Just a bit of a closer shot of the villains.

 Spiderman actually swung around the cake!

Is that real?

That was the question of the night.  And oh yeah, that is real cake.  This cake was for a surprise party for my sister.  Her husband had it catered by a local Mexican restaurant and requested a cake to match the theme.  So cacti it was!

A detailed look at one of the intricate flowers on the cake.

 Here's a bit more of a closeup of the cactus cake.  The "dirt" was chocolate cake crumbles and it looked incredibly realistic.

The main flower.

The backside of the cake.

Overall a really fun cake to make, but even more fun to surprise her!

Hammer time

For the man who's turning 60 and loves to work outside, here you go.  This hammer cake was for a new 60 year old who owns a local hardware store... and it was a surprise!

Happy 60th!

To celebrate a baptism

One special little boy was getting baptized so his Mom asked me to make the cake for the celebration afterward... and what fits a little boy better than camouflage?!

Here is a side view of the banner... there was actually a nice sheen to it that the camera didn't capture as well as I would have liked.

 We commemorated the cake with the date and his special verse: Jeremiah 29:11.

Star Wars again!

It's time for another Star Wars birthday party... so who better to do than R2D2?

Here is the side view of all the knobs and gadgets he has.

And here is the top view.

Tractor party

To all the John Deere fans out there, here is one for you!

And also for 2 little brothers who celebrated their birthdays together this year!

 And here is the tractor cake from the side view.